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Ripple Lawsuit Tracker (December 2018 Update)

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14 minutes ago, automatic said:

Plenty of time to accumulate then?  ;)

Yup. I guess the whole point of this class action is just to play time.

Something like this:

Plaintiff: "We would like to have the court showdown in place XYZ"

Ripple: "Nope, lets have it in ZYX instead".

...60 days passes...

Court: "Now we are at place ZYX".

Plaintiff: "We would like to receive the documents delivered by fax machine ZZZ."

...another 60 days passes...

Ripple: "There you have it. We manage to find the fax model ZZZ from museum."

Plaintiff: "Yeah but, the paper is wrong. The paper must be made fiber code YYY" so we can read it."

...another 60 days passes...

Ripple: "Here"

...another 60 days passes...

Plaintiff: "Thanks."

...another 12 hours passes...

Court: "We shall thusly begin.."

Plaintiff: "OBJECTION! Our main plaintiff guy just got paper cut from the evil paper provided by Ripple Labs and hence we demand 237 days sick leave and reassessment of the case."

Or as Jake puts it: "class actions move at a glacial pace".

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Yeah.  In most professions you succeed when you accomplish a goal as efficiently as possible in as little time as possible.  Not so in law;  dissecting everything as much a possible and maximizing the time of possession are the norm...  which comes in especially handy to any shady lawyer looking to milk a case. 

Received a response...billable.

Compiled a response...billable.

Sent a response...billable.

Attended a hearing...billable.

Moved to defer to xxx...billable.

Rinse and repeat and keep the hamster wheel going until there is nothing left of the asset/estate/settlement as it has all been eaten up by legal fees.  Glacial pace = win.

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20 minutes ago, liquid153 said:


Gonna go on record and say 2019 is gonna be a long and side-ways year for XRP

Here's my prediction: the people suing Ripple because they've bought XRP for just 3 dollars and then sold it at a loss will become the best joke of the year, when XRP enters it's third, biggest bullrun.

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