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Ripple Lawsuit Tracker (December 2018 Update)

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Just now, pitchblack452 said:

hope we get rid of this also. Piece by piece of fud needs to go.


Any idea on the timeline on this? 

Eromyr (Discord) said:


I think it's great news. Ripple wants to stay in federal court for various reasons incl. but not limited to (a) more competent judges, (b) more expedient resolution, and (c) just cuz the plaintiffs don't.

No merits decision yet; just a more favorable venue to litigate. Now we await a dismissal motion, which could be filed within the next couple months and ruled upon (hopefully) by EOY


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As I understand it,  (however not being a lawyer and not even a resident..   I could be wrong,). Federal court means the ruling is applicable across the country....  it means the SEC can use it if needed.

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Federal district court ruling is not binding across the country, and federal appeals court ruling is really only binding within federal districts in that circuit.

However a federal appeals ruling is persuasive in all courts nationally and sets up a USSC appeal which would be binding nationally.

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