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Ethereum is coming for no.2

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Who cares? This isn't a race between XRP and Ethereum. I want the whole crypto market to go up. XRP is just one part of the whole crypto ecosystem. If Ethereum was worth $0.01 and XRP was $0.02, would

From a speculator standpoint, that's not a feature, it's a bug So many of these ICOs end up with the owners dumping their ETH onto the market.  Most of these "projects" are abandonware in that th

It was touch and go for a second... I bet team ETH are p*****d ! 

2 hours ago, Qasim_786 said:

Business friendly? Just to be consideredby the ministry of manpower you have to publish an extensive business plan detailing literallt everything about your business and all of your financials including crypto holdings. Even then you will only be considered if your business plan shows you are filling a skill shortage within singapore. When Singapore is touted as business friendly it is not meant for individuals but multinational cooperations who have legal departments to desl with the paperwork. 


I’lol qualify I guess.

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15 hours ago, DividendGamer said:

Need to use sites that calculate it right.


ETH would have an infinite marketcap then because forbes uses all possible coins, not just the ones available. ETH doesn't have a max supply and the coins exist in future blocks. Forbes and yahoo only calculates XRP by total supply and every other coin by circulating supply. I can't take them seriously.

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