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New US Chief of Staff- Bitcoin Is Good


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Trump: Mick, get in here!

Mulvaney: Yes, Mr. President? 

Trump: Mick, I hear you know about this bitcoin. 

Mulvaney: Yes, sir. I've been meaning to discuss tha.. 

Trump: Yea, yea. Someone told me I can build the wall with bitcoin. 

Mulvaney: Well, sir, not bitcoin. I believe they were saying you could use blockchain to... 

Trump: Blockchain! That sound really great. It's a block full of chain, or maybe chains with blocks. 

Mulvaney: No sir, it's not like that. Blocks are mined.... 

Trump: Like clean coal! Who mines it? 

Mulvaney: Well, currently China has the biggest... 

Trump: Great, I know a guy over there. Who uses blockchain? 

Mulvaney: Well, Ripple is working on remittance rails with Mexico. 

Trump: Remittance? What do you mean? 

Mulvaney: Sending payments to and from Mexic... 

Trump grabs his phone and starts thumbing on Twitter. 

"Build the wall. BLOKECHAIN! The best material. Trade war easy. China will mine. Mexico will pay! Promise Kept!" 

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