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Looking for writers who can write articles for XRPworld.com


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Heya Zerpers,

I'm the owner of XRPworld.com, a news site particularly focussed on Ripple and XRP. We have been inactive in the last few months but I want to change that. I realized that the site has a lot of potential and I wanna do something with that. We haven't published an article in months and we still get thousands of visitors per month.

We can pay you in XRP! Requirments are: Decent knowledge about crypto/ripple/xrp & perfect English grammar.

PS: Don't expect a big pay yet, we are relatively new and we are just about to start again but as the site grows, the pay follows. If you're interested add me on discord: htjonge


If this kind of thead isn't allowed please let me know so I can delete it. Thank you.

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In case anyone is interested in this website, the owner and it's background ... you might also want to read this thread:

Since the OP just removed his first post in this other thread, I'll add it here: 


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