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Xrp xmas presents


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I used an old version no longer current so can't help you with that one.  

You could go offline with Theworldexchange or Bithomp tools or use an app like ToastWallet offline.  Lots of other options,  but I can't guarantee reliability or security of any even though I personally would trust all of those I mentioned.

But people using old versions of Safari were bitten by a bug in some cases, and there are other security implications no matter how you do it,  so it's not a comfortable thing to do recommending software.

Really you need to look at the options and decide for yourself I'm afraid.  It's a sorry state of affairs but it is exactly what the bleeding edge of technology has always been like....  uncertain and full of potential pitfalls.

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On 23 November 2018 at 7:57 PM, Tinyaccount said:

I have a few posts on here where I described a gifting technique that gives a laminated pretty card with a cold wallet address on the outside and the secret key on a slip of paper on the inside...  to open it just slice the laminate and then enter the secret key into your local internet banking app.  :) 

While they are waiting for that happy state of affairs,  you can send them now a text with a hyperlink to their wallet ( with the address preloaded into the Bithomp explorer) so they can see their USD wallet value at any time.

If you can't find it with a search for "laminated" then I will try and locate it for you.


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