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utoken, a mobile wallet app develop by ripplefox


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This is quite exciting. Do you have any information on RippleFox? As I understand they are a Gateway located in Shanghai, which is percieved to be the industrial engine of China.https://www.ultiledger.io/ is also quite mindblowing. They seem to be a Chinese form of R3. Former employees from SAP, IBM and Ant Financial are involved.

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Utoken is a open source mobile wallet, supported by Ultiledger team and ripplefox team. We will do our best to make more and more people know and use blockchain in both China and other countries.

Leave your ethereum address in this issue (ULT is currently a ERC20 token). We will send you some ULT (0 ~ 1000).


We will close this issue and stop the giveaway when neccessary.

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