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SBI makes company with R3. And R3 and Ripple have started cooperation.

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2 minutes ago, itcdominic said:

I'm kinda confused....why is this out now?  I thought this was old news, or has something changed or been announced?

R3 's CEO officially announced that it will form a company with SBI in January next year.

R3 officially announced to use XRP.

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1 hour ago, hamasugu said:

I watched the demo. Hopefully this is the start of some larger integration. According to the demo, Settler allows the company being paid to request payment in XRP that would be paid in XRP by the payer. XRP makes sense as a bridge currency. Their demo doesn't show any actual bridging and I doubt companies will want to be paid in XRP. Big news but I'm hoping there's more along the way to make it work like xRapid.

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