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Challenge: Derive $589 price for XRP

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Nothing serious here.. but seeing as how 589 seems to be a popular number associated with XRP,  Here's a challenge to tax the imagination of  XRP community members...

Challenge:  How many ways are there to arrive at a $589 price for XRP ?.

..and here's my recipe...

Take the numerical position of each letter in XRP.

Add the first three digits in reverse order with the last three digits also in reverse order.

x = 24
r = 18
p = 16



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What if...in 20 years XRP captures 35 percent of international payment flows driven by a reduction in payment friction and the world economy t(ripples) in size. 

589? Maybe if things fall in place. We will be long gone by then, I suppose. I'm not saying it will happen. I'm saying it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility under the right circumstances. 

BTW, I know I didn't answer your question. 😋

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