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Getting Pushed Down Right Now

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'Still waiting for Yoshitaka Kitao's $10 EOY prediction to come true ... 

Every article on crypto or youtube crypto channel is waiting for capitulation after which the price will supposedly recover and rocket to higher highs.  Is it that simple?  Also if everyone is expecti

guys btc ain't going anywhere.  institutional money looking at btc and they may be behind the drops... take your btc... then pumps and old btc holders fuc*ed.  I dont see bakkt etc talk about xrp alth

Well we appear to have held - referring to bitcoin obviously since bitcoin is moving the whole market at this point.  Barring any shocks bitcoin appears to have bottomed on November 25-  if that remains we are in a reverse head and shoulders pattern with the neckline around $4,200.  If we break $4,200, it's basically a clear shot back to $6,400.  Since XRP is moving in a somewhat similar pattern along with the market we probably go back to $.50 when that happens, which should be by the end of this week, if the pattern holds up.

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I am not a tax expert.

Someone in the USA could offset up to 3,000 dollars of non-investment income.  So a single person making $70,000 at a 22% federal tax bracket would save $660 off their tax liability.  You could buy almost 2,000 xrp at today's prices if you reinvested.  However, you have to take into consideration if XRP were to rise in 2019 and you wanted to take out some profits, you could possibly be paying short term capital gain taxes vs long term capital gain taxes which may drastically put you at a worse tax disadvantage vs hodling your losses from 2018, depending on the person's circumstances and if you over sell.  I'm not saying there are aren't benefits but each person has to look into their own situation.  For me it's not worth the headache, and probably goes the same for many.  Just HODL it.


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4 hours ago, XRPanding said:

By saying this I except the price to rise lots in the next 5 days, you can all thank me

Why should it?

We could see a big bear flag, support at .345 broke tonight.. and if we start to dump at higher volume then we could see a big drop.. all depends on volume and its "direction" now... cannot see why you predict a "safe" rise?

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