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Can't access /067244.sst: IO error: while stat a file for size


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Hi ,I setup the ripple in my system it's working fine but while running it is showing some error like following "Can't access /067244.sst: IO error: while stat a file for size: /var/lib/rippled/db/rocksdb/rippledb.e". Any one please tell me how to resolve the error.Please find the below attachement of error.



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Quote from http://coinsxfer.com/ (no https redirect btw):


Built on a rock solid technology stack

CoinsXfer is built on a technology stack to provide robust and seamless transactions

Services tested for high stress performance

Built on open source

Industry best practices

...yet someone doesn't know that the log line is truncated, tries to cd into a binary and then opens it with nano?

Please post the contents of your rippled.cfg file and the output of "ls -lah /var/lib/rippled/db/rocksdb/[cut off part to your actual database location]/" as well as the output of "df-h".

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