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Hello XRP community! 

I get a bunch of XRP on eToro and I'm considering using the new XRParrot service because of the fees on eToro (Futhermore I use EUR) 

Nevertheless I used eToro because it was easy to use and I have some question 

Consider I buy XRP on this new platform, where did they actually go and how can I sell or buy more? (I don't have a ledger) 

I would be glad you explain me (I know it's kind of a newbie question. 

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You will need to generate an XRP address (see wallet).  You can generate a paper wallet, use Toast, or any other method you prefer.  Once you have that wallet setup, you will provide the public address to xrparrot as your destination address and xrparrot will deposit your newly purchased xrp there.

You can also use your eToro address and tag, but i wouldn't recommend leaving your XRP on an exchange if you plan to hold long term.


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