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XRP Payments In Retail Stores - Building The Inteledger Cash Register


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Hundreds of merchants using the AnyPay Point of Sale noticed a new feature appear on their crypto cash register this week.

You can now accept XRP for payment from tech-savvy customers. XRP is the second largest crypto asset by market cap. This means that forward-thinking merchants around the world can now take instant payment from one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies, priced in their native currency, and paid into their own wallets.

Here's how: https://anypay.global/2018/11/24/yes-you-can-use-xrp-to-buy-stuff-in-real-life/

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I've thought about this. The problem I see for small business seems to stem from the local laws and taxes. It would be great if there was a way to utilize Xrapid/Xvia for payments. So you accept xrp but get paid in local denominations. This would be easier for wide spread usage for general business owners. The only issue would be the time for the bank account to be credited with cash. I know some small businesses wouldn't want to take on the risk.

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peanut56 yes of course Xrapid/Xvia straight to their bank account will one day be the the best way to convert from digital cash to a bank account.

That said there are currently many business owners interested in actually receiving and handling digital assets themselves, and often treat them like cash.

Some Anypay users connect their cash register directly to exchange accounts which allow them to quickly convert to fiat or to another crypto.

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