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My Advice to Ripple Leadership....

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7 hours ago, Gangus said:

Anything looking like Ripple pushing XRP would be a really bad idea right now with all of this Security BS. They need to keep doing what they are doing. This isn’t a race. XRP will be #1 one day. 

I agree with this. Ripple has to be very cautious with 'manipulating' xrp prices.

There's a thin line between anouncements and manipulation... don't know what that line is to be honest

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BG "We've decided to register XRP as a security"

If history tells us anything... it's that whenever there's a "major announcement", the price of XRP drops.

But this is no gladiator fight, dude

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8 hours ago, King34Maine said:

While we may live and breath this stuff daily, the masses have very little knowledge about blockchain let alone digital assets.

I don't know about that..everyone I've talked to since I first got into this, seemed to know bitcoin

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