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Galgitron's Blog: Frankenmath

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Fear and greed establish the direction of market pressure. The price is irrelevant. The media is a terribly powerful tool, weaponized across the board to incite fear through injustice and the threat of losing it all, and inspire greed through jealousy and the promise of having it all. The chest beating and flag waving has defined market pressure from day one. The cryptomarket may have more robots, but there is still a very human emotional driver present in the market.

You can find scared and greedy people at $5 or $.05 price points.

589 believers are Linus.

Crypto market haters are Lucy.

@Snoopy any thoughts?

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To be honest, I don't follow Galgitron - I just don't like him.  It has nothing to do with his viewpoints, I just don't like his tone and writing style... That being said, I appreciate the Snoopy

There has been a lot of talk about valuation figures based on XRP's utility, and focusing on that XRP has great utility when compared to BTC and ETH i.e.  using it for cross border payments, eliminati

This quote from Galgitrons blog is a little off :  seems like he’s using the same useless Market Cap definition ( # of coins against $ 100) as an argument why it couldn’t be.  In fact: this argum

12 hours ago, KaaKaRmA said:

This whole blog is false. Kichiro promised me $50 in 24 hours by 2nd week of December. BG123 promised me another $589 by EOY. The 17 Ripple Riddler accounts combined promised me even more riches. To top it all off, SamIAm promised me even more with 90% confidence. Someone tell Galgitron to stop spraying  Hopium killer. 


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20 hours ago, Alluvial said:

To me, the real potential explosion in value in XRP has always been as a global digital currency which then serves as a store of value.  Where someone wants to hold it, not just trade through it.

excellent point.  velocity plays a key role in utility/price.

i can't imagine ripple is blind to this same perspective.  it seems to make sense to solve for utility which also should bring strong adoption. this would then put them in a much stronger position to be best suited for xrp as a global digital currency.

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1 hour ago, Snoopy said:

 If only someone.... anyone.... had made a countdown timer or something to remind us we need to just hang on for some specific amount of time in the future that seems like its forever away and is longer than we WANT, but is closer than we think....  know anyone who's made that @XRPto50dollars?


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I go over the cash-out question in my head, but that stopped as I realized that Ripple may very well be a blue chip in diapers, at which point I shifted my thinking towards my stake in XRP being a utility infrastructure investment.


Once XRP gets beyond a certain price and I am not concerned about losing my initial investment the pressure to sell is limited to the circumstances of my personal life - not my concerns over price action.

I do think about cashing out in order to buy back lower during these cleansing purges, but zooming out and reevaluating usually changes my mind.

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On 11/26/2018 at 9:56 AM, ADingoAteMyXRP said:

“By my calculations, about 66,000 people will have at LEAST a million dollars worth of XRP if it gets to $100. Think about that. The selling pressure will be incomprehensible. Even using conservative attempts to choose an "average" exit point of one million dollars, that means $66 BILLION dollars will have to go into the hands of all these 66,000 people.”

Inventing the term “frankenmath” then using frankenmath to debate the reliability of frankenmath.

If XRP ever gets to $100, both sell and buy pressure will be incomprehensible. That’s why the price would reach $100. I don’t understand the point of this article.

well that also draws a huge assumption that the XRP distribution stays the same all the way to 100$, of those 66,000 people, over half are going to bail out at 10$, the next half at 50$, then 75$ - the point of the article is, rational mathematics can't be applied to the XRP price problem or any coin for that matter. All these one dimensional "price models" you see floating around are complete horseshit and they lend no weight what so ever to the human element, not to mention critical technical elements like arbitrage, slippage, etc. They try to use simple X * Y math that is utterly laughable. 

If you want to get a real idea for just how bad these XRP charlatans are missing the mark, go google around and look at some of the predictive algorithms that Google and Microsoft use to predict things like the world cup. I'm terrible at math, but I can tell you, you'll see equations and math functions that even the average Phd candidate probably hasn't seen or can't interpret.

Galgitron has got this one right, stop watching the damn pot so it can boil, the irony of this is, you are all wasting big parts of your life sitting around hoping your life gets better, when all you need to do is go outside and have a little fun to make your life better, where is the value in reading pages upon pages written by seedy charlatans that know NADA. If these guys could actually write a model to predict XRP's price, you'd never hear about it.

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