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What is your new EOY prediction?

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It's funny to see that by one dip the community is becoming so pessimistic, therefore I will do the opposite (since the market often does the opposite of what the XRP community thinks it will do).

You predicted $10.90 EOY in an earlier thread. So you were one of the minds changed. Your gloating condescension is misdirected, hypocritical and laughable.

I’m never thinking of a particular price at a particular moment in time,  more thinking in possible scenario’s and choosing the scenario with the highest probability ( in my eyes ofcourse, it isn’t science, just guessing tbh) for some swing trading. 

So far I’ve been more times right than wrong with my scenario’s, sadly I don’t always act accordingly ( emotions, FOMO and greed often prevent me from following my chosen scenario).

I’ll go with @Eric123 : BTC falling untill BAKKT goes live end of january, target around $ 2000/ $ 2500, dragging XRP downwards to € 0.15 / €0.20 ( sorry, I’m used to € for XRP) , hopefully rising somewhere in january. 

TL:DR:  EOY XRP : € 0.40- € 60 (slowly recovering from €0.15-€0.20).So sub $ 1.

Plenty of time left to accumulate for full moon in 2019. 


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Exactly 1 year ago my predictions were in double of even tripple digits for pricws EO 2018, lol. Maybe I’m too pessimistic now. Hope so.
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