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What is your new EOY prediction?

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6 minutes ago, retep said:

Well i hope that too, because this year i saw my investment drop faster than a brick from a plane. And i also hope that the whole crypto thing

doesn't end up as the next dying hype. 


Hey @retep Yes, the bear market in 2018 just s*cks if you're an investor. Only the exchanges, whales and a few other traders probably made a profit during this year.

However investing isn't a short term activity. I can't talk for others, though I'm convinced that crypto isn't dead nor even close to a dying hype.

It's been posted before, but really, if you have some time, do yourself a favour and listen to this talk by Tom Lee. It starts around 7:20:00


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It's funny to see that by one dip the community is becoming so pessimistic, therefore I will do the opposite (since the market often does the opposite of what the XRP community thinks it will do).

You predicted $10.90 EOY in an earlier thread. So you were one of the minds changed. Your gloating condescension is misdirected, hypocritical and laughable.

Hoping for $1 but looks like we be at around the current mark when the year ends. 

Still would be ok if people bought them before the run but its not good for others.

I really would hope the current crash will kill the junk coins but looks like they are still here and maybe many will survive. If many does survive, it could be years before xrp starting to go up as at the moment even xrapid going live have failed to see a bull run.

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15 hours ago, Eric123 said:

There seems to be decent support at .21  after that .16 to .13.  If we break .13 then we're back to oh, who really cares at that point.  

let's hope it reach 0.1$ to maybe buy some :D

still too expensive atm

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