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What is your new EOY prediction?

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It's funny to see that by one dip the community is becoming so pessimistic, therefore I will do the opposite (since the market often does the opposite of what the XRP community thinks it will do).

You predicted $10.90 EOY in an earlier thread. So you were one of the minds changed. Your gloating condescension is misdirected, hypocritical and laughable.

I don't think we are acting pessimistic just realistic.

2018 has been a difficult year for digital asset investors. Would be over optimistic to expect much of a boom by EOY.

Fingers crossed we get to last month's high so we can prep for a decent bull run in 2019.

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19 minutes ago, ChuckN said:


Haven't wavered on this all year.

If Chuck Norris says so, then it must happen. Remember, he was once bitten by a King Cobra. I didn't end well for the Cobra. :big_boss:

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