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xSettle Trademark Filed w/ USPTO

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Hey guys, 

On November 14, 2018, a company called "XRP United" filed the appropriate paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to protect the word mark "xSettle" (see picture below). XRP United (company) appears to be an xrp-based exchange based out of Estonia. And the description of "xSettle" is very interesting (again, see picture below). 

However, one could make the argument that xSettle causes a "likelihood of confusion" to the following trademarks owned by Ripple Labs, Inc. (company):


Below are some links about the xrp-dedicated exchange, XRP United. Legally speaking, a "likelihood of confusion" exists when one could assume that the product or service (xSettle) represents or is associated with the source of a different product or service identified (Ripple's products, like xCurrent, xRapid, or xVia). In the past, Ripple Labs, Inc (company) has gone to court to protect their intellectual property.

Going to follow up with this in a few months.

Take care. 




xSettle Trademark.png

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This is a 44d basis filing which means its registering an existing foreign mark.

As far as likelihood of confusion it’s unlikely that Ripple can claim ownership of the letter x.

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11 hours ago, mandelbaum said:

@P3T3RIS Might be able to shed som light on this?

XRP UNITED has filed trademark applications for xSettle in EU and in USA. Domain xSettle.com was previously owned by JP Morgan, who has not renewed it nor applied a trademark for it. At least we do not know about any trademark regarding this. Trademark process will settle this issue too.

We are building a payment system 100% separate from Ripple. Ripple the company already knows about this and has been provided with white paper of it.

We will present everything publicly when we are ready, XRPchat hopefully being the channel for that. 


(Edited bank name to JP Morgan. Mixed 2 topics I have been planning)

Edited by P3T3RIS

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