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Is crypto dead?

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haha ok then - I'll take a little trip down the memory lane for you.  Back in that day all you had to do was mention "XML" and "World Wide Web" in a sentence, and VC wallets would magically open

I've been in IT since the 90's and it's always nice to go down memory lane - thanks @automatic. They were indeed great (and sometimes frightening) days. But there is one thing you forgot to menti

Peter Schiff does a good job of explaining the Dot Com Bubble. In one of his videos (I'm not sure if its this one) but he does reference a company that had a website they designed and manufactured cus

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2 hours ago, automatic said:

Garbage needs to be thrown out before the space can flourish.  Think Dot Com bubble in 2001.

Why do new technologies like crypto tend to bubble up? Because it’s very hard to value a new technology’s intrinsic value using traditional valuation methods (present value of discounted future cashflows) as they generally don’t generate any cashflows until very far into the future. In the case of XRP this becomes even more difficult as many of them will never generate cashflows and yet will nevertheless be incredibly valuable.



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