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53 minutes ago, retryW said:

I'm not the "blind hope of a moon rocket" type of guy. I'm just making a prediction based of historical events, current movements, and my general hunch.

but by all means bring my post up again in a fortnight and we'll see if we're much higher than 43c


Past performance is not a guarantee of future gains, however you can't deny the fact that four out of the last 5 years have had significant gains on, or within two weeks of this date.


I hope...

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Hi everyone. I hope all is well. "Seen any good couches lately" haha (inside joke "hopefully") I was doing some random thinking and think we have only one more major drop to go and then it's bla

I don't think we have a "major drop" incoming. But I do think we have about 14 days until this rocket launches.

Thanks for telling us what's coming out of your butt, my butt tells me 589 by EOY

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