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We Are Witnessing The Paradigm Shift of Crypto. XRP Will Prevail


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I read this Quora, Marius Kramer, he is not an xrp fan, anyway he says that :

We can also still hit 85% retracement, to hit the average retracement, which would land us at $3,000.Usually, I would say this can happen, but we have 23 mainnet launches on December 31st while there are usually only 3 mainnet launches in an entire month usually and we have BAKKT on January 24th coming up.Those 3 events will probably shake things up quite a bit.


I am assuming mainet means bitcoin fork , so whenver there is  btc fork, btc price drops?

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Wow, really? just picked a funny gif, didn't know. I'd remove, but you've quoted me, so there it is. For the record, I don't endorse really terrible ideas about other women, men and gamers. :o

Replaced with Colbert :lol:

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