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Looking for Alert App XRP to XLM


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I have been trading between XRP and XLM - I am using an app called HODL to check the average platform prices of each coin, then plugging them into a calculator to check their comparable percentages, then making a trade if the values are appropriate.  I have gone to the Google Play Store and searched crypto alerts, but can't find any apps that will let me check the price of XLM to XRP or XRP to XLM by percentage.  They all pair against USD / BTC or ETH.

Does anyone know of an app that will let me compare these two coins by percentage and alert me when a set level is reached?

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2 hours ago, Arrowfletch said:

Thanks @xippix ,misread the op post. 

Another possibility is https://www.cryptocurrencychart.com/chart

I use them to compare btc moves vs xrp moves so I know if I need to celebrate or throw party

You’ll be throwing a party today with the gains XRP is making on BTC.... and today is just the beginning. :)

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15 hours ago, ejsdon said:

let me check the price of XLM to XRP or XRP to XLM by percentage.

Somehow, on a fully distributed basis, XLM has a market cap that is around 50% of XRP's.  That is a stunning overvaluation of XLM when you factor in everything that Ripple has done, the connections and partnerships it has made all over the world, its board and employees.  Stellar is nowhere near this; not even remotely in the ballpark.

IMO a very generous valuation of XLM compared to XRP is 5%, and a fair percentage ratio is 1 to 2%.  

I really don't see why people are into XLM at all, especially given how high the valuation of XLM is compared to XRP.  Likely has to do with no one selling XLM, whereas XRP is being sold on a regular basis by people like Jed and charities to whom Ripple has given XRP.  XRP's price must soak up those daily sales whereas XLM's does not.  Also, I don't believe Stellar's figure that it has sold or distributed nearly 20B XLMs.  My guess is the broadness of the XLM distribution is nowhere near that of XRP's.  

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