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Ran NeuNer on XRP


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Well I agree 100% with him. Bitcoin has hashwarred itself to death this weekend. This is a deadlock. POW has failed. What's next? Well ehmmm....

Harmonica Man!

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Retail market participants have been able to casually choose bitcoin and ethereum to invest in, mostly because of social meda, quick profits, market cap, brand recognition, etc. Wow! They're great! 

It has made it easy for them to ignore the fundamental merits of XRP which make it a better option. But now PoW is in question. Which means everyone knows all PoW tokens are possibly susceptible to similar hijinks we are all witnessing. This hash war isn't actually a hash war. It's two people trying to gain control. It's clear as day for all to see. Craig vs Roger. Who controls Bitcoin Cash. 

If one truly believes that the financial system is going digital, they are being forced to take a hard look at other coins in the market. I know what they will find, XRP. 

I hope businesses and developers finally step away from social media and learn about XRP. I know and so do most people that anything being developed on a PoW coin can be developed using xrp. 

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