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Analysis of Ripple's XRP sales

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I would like to present here my findings on a slightly more detailed examination of sales from the ripple XRP-II wallet (rHjJwY4maqRyUxCnJ9bNNQ2Tva9fe9T8ud) and also the 3 wallets rHjJwY4maqRyUxCnJ9bN

I've just noticed a mistake in a couple of my text outputs. I have listed the $dollar amount of sales in the tables, but the total column shows the XRP total not the $total. I do wish I could sto

As noted in my OP, they are selling 3% of the total volume each day as reported by cryprocompare, but we don't know where they get their values of "daily volume" from. So it may be that they are takin

Truly awesome work on this.  Thank you so much for sharing it.

I find it amusing how dumb I am in the face of these facts....     you say something like "it's immediately obvious that...." and yet I'm still sitting here with a dumb look on my face, staring at the chart and saying 'huh?'    :) 

But your explanations helped,  and I'm somewhat comforted by the fact that it does seem as though the market is healthy and liquidity is building.  The solid chewing through sell walls we sometimes see tells us that there is solid demand at times...  and there seems to be a faster drumbeat to that buying.

Do you consider it worthwhile to try and look for that two to one Exchange trade to ledger payment ratio as a marker for XRapid?


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Thank you.  This analysis is very in depth and insightful.  It's great that the market is able to absorb the big overhang of ongoing sales that have occurred and will continue to occur for the foreseeable future.  I look at these inevitable sales as a gift to those who have not established their positions or who want to add.   Once these ongoing sales dry up, the price will explode.

Do we have any idea who BearWhale is?  Arthur?  Max and his alleged big consortium?  Rippleworks?  And do we know how many xrps are held in BearWhale's wallets?

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Terrific analysis - many thanks!

Temporarily halting sales when the price was looking vulnerable to a further plunge - how is that not price manipulation by Ripple? I'm sad to have to say that, having defended Ripple against the charge of manipulation on many occasions, but if it walks like a duck ...

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1 hour ago, PunishmentOfLuxury said:

Temporarily halting sales when the price was looking vulnerable to a further plunge - how is that not price manipulation 

You mean like the stock markets do when things are looking extreme for some or all stocks?  Don't they call that protecting the market?


Manipulation is when you are staging sales to force directions....  not selling is simple prudence.

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Excellent analysis thank you.

With regards to Ripple stopping the selling at strategic points, it confirms what I’ve believed before that there was a floor beyond which we would not fall. A 100% retracement of the 2017 up move would be a catastrophe and it seems Ripple have prevented it. I don’t think we will ever see that range again unless XRP itself is collapsing. That’s why the response to those hoping XRP would fall to 10 cents so they could buy cheap was no, you don’t want it to go that low.

I believe BTC has a similar floor, somewhere between 3k and 2k. Who will enforce it I don’t know, but below that and we are looking at the end of BTC. I think we could see that range in the next six months, which will likely mean XRP back in the .30s. After that it will be bull run time again.

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Great analysis, thanks a lot man. 

I personally find it kind of depressing that so many players have huge amount of XRP to dump.. BW, Jed, Ripple. At least BW is almost out of XRP, but I can see Jed and Ripple to continue dumping in the next 10+ years. Hopefully, xRapid can help the price at some point although it uses the available liquidity so for the foreseeable future the price will be determined by speculators. And I can't imagine they can continue buying for 10 years, but hopefully I'm wrong.

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