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XRP and ETH fight for second place a preview for a bigger battle

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The gap between XRP and ETH is widening.  Now 1.3 billion.  Becoming No 2 and widening the lead will be a strong bullish signal for investors to trade in ETH and buy XRP, it could be the stimulus that starts a bull run.
I have noticed on Etoro forum there has been a rash of post from small time investors announcing they are selling there diversified portfolios and putting all the money into one crypto - XRP
I agree...this gap will help with retail investors who begin to decide XRP is worth a "second" look (see what I did there!).

And yes, I've seen the same thing...alot of people who have been very tribalistic coming out saying they are jumping into XRP...good things are to come!

Thank you very much for reading this!

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