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I have traded in and out of XLM at different times during the last year. I don't currently hold any. During a bull market its good to diversify, during a bear market its good to consolidate.

I think stellar has some interesting potential but they really just have one big thing going for them which is IBM. All the other uses seem to be small and more focused on stellar protocol rather than XLM. Even with IBM they seem more interested in the stellar protocol. I only ever hear about Jessie Lund being bullish on XLM and he has been unashamedly anti Ripple.

The biggest reason I dislike XLM is because of its low volume and the mass amounts of undistributed, still growing number of lumens. Every time XRP pumps, XLM follows. This tells me that the low volume of XLM is manipulated. So like most other coins there is no real utility going through it for now

I think XRP seems to be the only coin right now that could break free from BTC as XRP utility increases from xRapid use. I fully expect a further fall from BTC so I want to be in the one coin which I think has potential to stand on its own in this bear market.

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3 hours ago, xrp-overflow said:

I think we shouldn't underestimate and certainly shouldn't downplay Stellar here. I know it is hard to speak about Stellar rationally in the xrp-community.

 With IBM as a partner who already has a banking network, a lot is possible. IBM has really lost some of its quality and innovation in software/hardware development, but has a wide network and a lot of knowledge in financial software and regulation. That has been their business for decades. We cannot be sure how far IBM actually is. They seem not to fall for the hype culture as much as crypto-companies do. We shouldn't preclude that there is going on more than the public knows.

Stellar's liquidity is a joke. Their global infrastructure is very minor (ie exchanges around the globe). However, in several pumps and dumps we saw how fast liquidity can form, at least I observed this at XRP. Not sure how long it can be maintained when market makers are involved. Stellar has a very clean and promising price development and seems to be one of the least dropped coins in crypto, in fact, it is quite stable. TA guys love it, it develops textbook like

On the other hand, it is not very clear at all how committed IBM really is. There are different statements one time committing to Stellar, the other time denying their commitment. We'll see what it is all about when actual products hit the market. 

I think we all know why it "develops textbook like". 

I kinda wish I held I held on to my lumens just because of it's run this year, but with Jed pumping it, it being inflationary, and the insane amount given away at the beginning, etc  - I have zero confidence in it as a long term investment.  

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1 hour ago, RandyMarsh said:

So here's a weird thing. After I called out Phiguy for how childish he was being to another poster, he proceeded to go through my posts history and put a 'confused' face on all of my posts. The time he put into this..  what does it mean? Am I being stalked ?

@tomxcs, sorry....but can you please explain why I received a warning?  I posted a picture of Phiguy’s history of abuse towards a fellow poster and said that ‘yes, you are being stalked’....and somehow I am the one receiving a warning?  Can you please explain?

thanks in advance. 

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