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Ripple (XRP) Might End Up Decoupling From Bitcoin (BTC)


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I really hope this is true I mean seriously who want's to be involved with an investment where a ******* war can break out like this and wreak so much havoc.  Bitcoin decentralized???? Bah-Hum-Bug!!!  I swear I have made multiple post on this forum where I said Bitcoin would eventually eat itself, looks like it's hungry!!

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18 minutes ago, Trendkill said:

I don't at all like how the "article" mentions XRP being centralised and controlled by a single entity. That's complete bull****.

Yeah we know, but XRP is not being brought to it's knees by a few miners trying to see who has the biggest D$@k !(Can someone send that as a rebuttal to this article) :)

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