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Ben Sharafian & Stefan Thomas: Coil - A New Business Model for the Web

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20 hours ago, Skippy said:

So what if I put a million bots to watch my website?

edit: oh yeah, I might have to pay the coil subscription for each of them with different credit cards :D probably not working

They're going to have to defend against this, anyway, since the cryptospace is infested with people who can detect the slightest incentive misalignment to exploit - so, might as well say it:

Virtual CC's are virtually free.  Throwaway pre-paid CC's are available at corner stores, you can get a $5 one for like $7.  Add in the price of a domain (~$10) - and if an attacker can extract more value before they're blacklisted from Coil than they've spent on the domain (or even on a username, if using some big platform - so maybe even less cost!) - then, yes, this is a vector.

It's a vector, Victor.  Roger, Roger.  Over, Ober.

It's not as though nobody has had to face the problem before, but will they have to monitor for it?  Yup.  That technology exists.  It's not where I'd prefer them to be spending their time, but, you said it, it's gonna be the first thing that pops into some people's minds...  They're gonna tolerate a little bit of it, as they open up wider - but the hammer will be coming down, eventually, and it's gonna have a long, long memory... :)

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Streaming payments during online gaming alone will be life changing thing for many (and even wife changing for some). In below article has been demonstrated how to monetize Quake III tournaments. Modern online games are carefully designed to be as addictive and competitive as possible in order to maximize their revenue streams. This has been done successfully so far without real time payments (earn real money from each kill, for instance). What do you think will happen when money starts to flow seamlessly while you play online games?


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