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the network is down ?

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The data that Galgitron is showing would not represent the issue: he's post-processing ledgers based on the close_time field. Here are the facts: sometime around midnight (UTC time!) on 2018-11-1

Nothing casts more doubt that uncertainty and secrets. We all benefit when issues are discussed, analyzed and understood because the net result is a better, stronger network.

Good question. I wish I had a better answer for you, but it boils down to this: The company was using JIRA for everything else, and management wanted to be able to monitor the work we were doing

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Yes, we're noticing some sporadic connection issues, against both s1.ripple.com and our validator at syracloud.net as evident with missing data in our reporting system. Seems to be off-and-on so one could speculate higher network activity for whatever reason (though we don't have hard data to confirm this)

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A lot of "transactions not found" appear on transactional data live feed on ripple charts.

Tried to see what this means, not in depth, just cursory search.

Found a message in some board that stated one possible occurrence is that transactions are be signed but not submitted to the ledger or that the nodes that track the history of the ledger don't have these transactions recorded.

Any ideas if these reasons are accurate, anyone?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/7myv1s/i_probably_lost_my_xrps_what_can_i_do/drxqg9t/


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