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Western Union's digital transformation sprints to mobile


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Even with advancements in mobile and a hint of expanding into other services or technologies, Western Union hasn't hopped on the blockchain or bitcoin bandwagons just yet.

The company continues to conduct transaction tests with Ripple's blockchain technology, but CEO and president Hikmet Ersek has expressed a lack of enthusiasm for pursuing bitcoin as a currency it wants to handle in its operations. That viewpoint is based mostly on the fact Western Union is not seeing a major demand from its customers to offer a cryptocurrency service.

"It’s still early days and things are evolving," Fellahi said of any blockchain advancements with Ripple. "We’re very open to the future potential and we’re testing blockchain-related technologies on several fronts, including transaction processing, settlement, working capital optimization, reg-tech and digital identity."


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WU's November 1 earning conference call didn't once mention Ripple or blockchain technology. All the questions answered seemed to show they believe they are well positioned in the market. They also kept talking about their partnership with Amazon. 


We can rule out WU and MGI using Ripplenet anytime soon. That could be that their management teams don't see any value in blockchain technology. 

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