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XRP - Price Increase - How?


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On 11/12/2018 at 4:24 PM, XRPMaN1 said:

What does everyone think about how Ripple will increase the price of XRP?

Ripple obvi knows how they will increase the price.  This is the first thing they thought of when they came to the table 5 years ago and they obvi arent going to tell us.



Right now we know xrp is bring use for remittance and thats about it.  Isnt enough liquidity to be used other wise.


I belive SBI will buy out the order book cause price to increase and then sell OTC the cheap XRP they picked up during the buyout.


Its a win win for SBI they get cheap XRP and then sell them OTC as the new currenet values


Lets be honest price isnt going to increase just by remittance and big banks can not and will not use xrp when its valued so low.

See, the problem with this theory is, in order to keep the price that high for more than 5 seconds, they would need to absorb an insane amount of sell orders. A popular figure that people have been putting up for this weekend "moonshot" is $50.

If it suddenly spikes from 50 cents to 50 dollars, every single holder of XRP will be rushing to sell. There are roughly 40 billion XRP in circulation. If even 20% are sold to cash in at $50, SBi would have to absorb $400 billion in sell orders at $50 to keep that price. Even for a financial giant like SBI, that would be extremely risky and difficult and if that wall ever broke, the price would tumble straight back town.

Remember any bank only has about 3% of its reserves on hand as liquidity to buy with at any given time.

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I think many on here are beginning to get ahead of themselves. 

Remember Ripple's primary target was always the remittance industry which was worth $613 billion in 2017, think about that in terms of daily trade volume, not a lot. I'd hazard a guess right now that less than 1% of that market has been captured....Any bull run between now and eoy will most likely be hype fueled and BTC led with another crash soon after, Institutions buy OTC and the money invested by the masses will soon dry up leaving nothing but sell orders and very little liquidity to sustain the rise.

Utility will drive XRPs value and it won't be happening as fast as people think, only a major announcement such as Swift, SAP, Temenos etc could change things and that's pretty unlikely considering we have no regulations or liquidity to cope with such high volumes.

My predictions for EOY are a BTC led $5-$8, followed by another crash.

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