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New Ripple Movement Shows Over 70 Million XRP Transacted in Two XRPL Mega Transfers


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More than 70 Million XRP Transacted in two Mega Transfers

The Ripple ledger has registered several multi-million transactions during the last days. On November 7, a 50,000,000 XRP transaction was registered by Ripple’s ledger. The next day, 20,000,000 XRP were also transacted. The senders of these funds paid 0.06 XPR and 0.000012 XRP respectively.

The Twitter account XRP Monitor showed that these two transactions were performed a few days ago. The twitter account provides information about large XRP transactions and information about the accounts handling the funds.

In the transaction made on November 7, the sender apparently was the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp and the receiver was the same cryptocurrency exchange. The sender balance ended with almost 15 million XRP while the receiver had 1,064,408,109.41295 XRP.

Read more: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/new-ripple-movement-shows-over-70-million-xrp-transacted-in-two-xrpl-mega-transfers/

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40 minutes ago, PunishmentOfLuxury said:

Bitstamp moved some funds around. So what?

yfw its bitstamp shilling on dummy accounts to try to create hype and fomo so they can sell into it

Edit: this is not a serious post

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