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XRP Validator Registry Broken

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5 hours ago, stevenzeiler said:

The page that used to display a list of XRP network validators now displays nothing.


@JoelKatz @bob 

I believe it's a browser issue, try using Chrome instead of Safari. That worked for me:




Looks like the page is updated with lots of juicy info.."chain", "missed validations", "unl". If you run a validator, that page is WAAY too addictive.

Edit - Just noticed you mentioned both Chrome and Safari not working. I tried playing around

Windows 10 works in edge, chrome and firefox
Mac OS works in chrome, Firefox and not working Safari

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3 hours ago, Sukrim said:

They just display the same data and were also broken when Ripple changed the data API unannounced.

Hi Sukrim, we had implemented and announced the availability of new validator pages just a week after Ripple announced changes in their data API, back in 23rd October 😁.

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