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Hey Guys,

Im new to all this (you will probably realize that by the time you finish reading this post :newblush:). I was attempting to move my XRP from my Nano Ledger S to my Binance account (I had the addresses correct on both) but I only typed in the first digit on my destination tag by mistake. I opened a support ticket with Binance but they aren't too good about communication. Is this something I should be worried about? It says confirmed when looking at my Operation Details in Ledger Live and in XRP Account Explorer it shows two separate payments, one showing that it failed due to the destination tag and one showing that it was successful. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as this was a pretty large amount for me. Thanks in advance.


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3 hours ago, rogocorp said:

Problem solved. 

...but in case you ever need to prove ownership of your XRP address, there was an xrpchat discussion a few months ago that may be relevant:


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I have the same problem only I completely forgot to type in the destination tag. I was sending my XRP from livecoin to bitstamp and now both exchanges are trying to tell me that they cannot assist me. 

Would you be so nice and share with me how you solved the problem?

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17 hours ago, dpepe said:

sending my XRP from livecoin to bitstamp

The owner of an account can prove cryptographically that he/she owns that account. You sent XRP from a custodial account, so in your transaction, the sending account belongs to the custodian (Livecoin) and not to you. You must therefore accomplish two things:

1. You need to find out from Bitstamp if they agree that Livecoin own the sending account. If not, you will have to persuade Livecoin to provide Bitstamp with whatever proof-of-ownership is satisfactory to Bitstamp. (Should be easy, since a business typically embeds its domain-name and/or the md5sum of its email address into its XRPL account record; but for more ideas, scroll up to my previous post in this thread & follow the link.)

2. You need to find out what internal Livecoin records are acceptable to Bitstamp as proof that this particular transaction was intended for you. And you need to get hold of those records: if possible just by logging into your Livecoin account, but if necessary by persuading Livecoin staff to help you out. Since you're asking them for a favour, it probably helps if you make things easy for them by finding your transaction on the XRPL (Livecoin should be able to figure out which customers were logged in to their system just before the transaction…).

Thus, solving your problem requires a complex network of goodwill & trust (you ⇔ Livecoin, you ⇔ BitStamp and Livecoin ⇔ Bitstamp). This is deeply ironic, because crypto-assets are supposed to trustless. Unfortunately, you sacrificed the trustlessness by making a payment from a custodial account, so the moral of the tale is Try to avoid sending payments from accounts that you don't personally own! In this context, ownership = possession of the private key.

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