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Up or down from here


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25 minutes ago, pumpndump said:

Dont care not a trader dont care about .05, .10, .20 price swings either.

Wake up when its over a dollar :) or something tangible


It’s never going to be over a dollar. Only downhill from here 

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2 minutes ago, BiffTannen said:

Yup. Sell while you can. Going to crash to 0 SOON. 

All the way to 0.0 less than a Abraham Lincoln? 

Dang it Brad I knew that Kansas degree wasnt worth much. Going to HYPMS for a terminal degree just means you werent smart enough to get in for undergrad.

In Zuckerberg and Gates I trust!!

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5 minutes ago, 2ndtimearound said:

XRP is going back to 25c. If anyone dares asks me for reasons, I’ll consider that a microaggression and get the mods onto them. 

Sorry, but I have to report you to the mods! You're clearly spreading FOMO here and cannot be tolerated!!!

The "man who tamed the whales" promised us 0.08 and we cannot accept anything above!:rolleyes:

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