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Now the riddler is gone, will sanity prevail?

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2 hours ago, XRPwatch said:

Really? I see it the opposite way. The price jump was just specualtion, possibly due in part to the riddles, but nothing actually happened to cause it, and it was hardly the earth shattering rise that was predicted.

You have a lot to learn.

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They are just having some fun. Who cares. I wish David Schwartz and Brad Garlinghouse was a bit more active, but there is probably a good reason to why they are not. They also hired Cory Johnson for a reason.

I think the tech and the team they have gathered (My goodnes, look at the Linkedin profiles and where they come from) speaks for itself.

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57 minutes ago, PlanK said:

Brad's glorious five year plan will (unsurprisingly) take at least five years.

There isn't gonna be a bank announcement or a bull run every day, yet the troops still need to be entertained.



Let them have their fun.

Ok, makes sense. That must be why I keep getting shot down for calling this stuff out. I guess hype is required to move the price for a while longer yet.

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