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Now the riddler is gone, will sanity prevail?

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The Riddler has retired and, since the 5th, has been discredited. After EOY when the 589 bear has also been proved wrong, will we see some sensible price talk, or do you think we will just get another nut-job stepping in to replace them?

I think the XRP community would get less ridicule if this kind of thing went away.

Sorry in advance if this offends you, but it's a genuine question.



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1 minute ago, ixarepe said:

I have been skeptical about the RR but also fascinated. The jump in price on the 5th of November has IMHO added to the credibility of the RR not the other way around

Really? I see it the opposite way. The price jump was just specualtion, possibly due in part to the riddles, but nothing actually happened to cause it, and it was hardly the earth shattering rise that was predicted.

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The more mature XRP will get the more mature the "predictors" will get, soon they will call them selves professional investors. With graphs and lines they will inform us how the price will develop in the future, and then when time passes some will be correct and others won't be.

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4 minutes ago, Yodaxrp said:

Really scared when somebody comes out of the wood and starts to lecture people about what they should think to be considered "sane"". History shows it never finishes good!

Mala tempora currunt...

Perhaps you can calm youself with some herbal tea or something?

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12 minutes ago, XRPwatch said:

it was hardly the earth shattering rise that was predicted

As I understood the RR something would happen on the 5th. Not perse an earth shattering rise as you suggest. More a starting point. We will see what happens toward the EOY I guess.

Personally I think we will just see organic growth (with and influx of institutional money) and the usual speculative crypto movement. I give it a 10% chance that RR/BG are insiders. Would be something though :)

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11 minutes ago, XRPwatch said:

A minute ago you were 'really scared'. Glad you are safe

Always scared about the possible consequences of just one accepted way of thinking inside a society. The risk is to finish in a UdSSR like place, and really wouldn't appreciate it.

Never the less yes, I'm safe, thanks! And breakfast is tasty!:good:

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