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Why I do believe XRP will not reach 5 USD even in 5 years

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15 minutes ago, Xrpforme said:

It’s pretty naive and presumptuous to think it can’t go over $5 in 5 years just because things feel stagnant or bad in the moment.

It was worse last December before the pump, especially because Bitcoin was pumping all year, and I think some people actually sold because of it..  Anymore I look at these types of posts as indicators of impending bull runs, though I think we still have some time at these levels, because most people's FUD posts aren't depressing enough yet.  The OP probably just got caught off guard trying to short XRP right when it pumped.

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14 hours ago, Fidel_Castro said:

Why if someone tells his own "non-lambo" opinion here, being reacted aggressively? it is just opinion, no FUD.

This is too funny.  So it looks like this guy wants to become a "protected minority" here - maybe the mods should positively discriminate in your favour.  Mod: "despite his lack of reason, logic and evidence, his opinion cannot be criticised lest you be labelled intolerant of diverse opinions".

If you feel strongly about your view that XRP won't be above $5 in 5 years' time, show us your reason and logic.  Your Escrow argument is very weak by the way.  I was expecting some insight from you about the Escrow that I wasn't aware of.  Nope.  Nothing.  It turns out you don't understand the Escrow's impact on circulation and price - it's minimal, and actually....non-existent when it comes to exchanges (and thus, price).  

Your argument is as fallacious as the following: OTC sales mean that such-and-such a crypto's price will never go above $X.  OTC sales have always been here.  Ripple selling their XRP in a controlled manner is akin to OTC - but it's even safer than that - because they will only sell to reputable partners/FIs, not shady individuals who will dump their newly bought XRP on exchanges.  Note that during the first two weeks of the Escrow going live, XRP hit $3.70+.  In the first two weeks.  And you say it won't get to $5 in 5 years? What....1c or $4.99? Which is closer according to your detailed modelling of price action over the next 5 years? (that's sarcasm by the way, maybe you need to retreat to your safespace or sick the mods on me for attacking such a defenceless minority like yourself). 

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11 hours ago, Fidel_Castro said:

Guys, let be realistic: Still nearly 60 billion in escrow, so do you really believe that the price with such huge supply will rise up to $5 soon?

Yes, XRP is a fantastic coin,  but I dont see the huge demand at near terms. Every time Ripple releases its 1 billion from escrow, it will negatively impact the price. 60% of XRP are not alive yet.

Are you for real???

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