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xRapid Expanded by Ripple, Boosts Payment Platform Backed By MasterCard and MIT


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5 minutes ago, 21x2 said:

This is kinda a big deal. If they want Xrapid to work cheap, they will use XRP.


“That allows us on the back end to be more efficient with our capital. These are real-time settlements, so we don’t have to do pre-funding, we don’t have to park money in the receiving corridor and then manage the foreign exchange risk. We can just do it one by one as the transactions go through.”


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4 minutes ago, rg809wPPM said:

What is pushing the Price through the roof right now? I can here looking for the reason why.


Riddle and 5th of Nov?

I went to hunt white tail this morning and looked a .46+  came back and saw up 7%. I still think all the hype is garbage.

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