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CCID ~ XRP and blockchain projects rankings

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The Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (CCID) is a government organisation responsible for monthly reviewing blockchain projects based on the following criteria:

  1. The project should have its own independent main chain
  2. The node can be freely created
  3. It should have a published block explorer where block information can easily be tracked;
  4. Open source code
  5. The project’s website page is available and the project’s team member can be contacted.

Being a scientific research institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the CCID has a strong overall strength in the information industry research and policy-making, software testing and other related fields.

Here (article) you can find more information about this organisation eo. 

Here is their sixth and latest report:




[Google translate from this site] In terms of innovation, the top five are Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, NULS and Cardano. Compared with the previous index, the public chain with the largest increase in the innovation index is Ripple Chain, NULS, Iota, Nebula Chain and Bit Cash.

Interesting to see Bitcoin so low while it is said that Bitcoin is primarily controlled by Chinese miners. To bad they rated Ripple in stead of XRP?:nea:

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