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Podcast with Wietse Wind: An Unbiased Conversation On XRP

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This is fantasticly clear, really worth the listen!  An expert programmer using the product and being very clear about why he chooses XRP.  He is ahead of the crowd, the crowd will follow and are following and networking with what he has started.

100,000 XRP a day are being sent a day on Tipbot - itt new and it is already doing that much volume, imagine what it will be doing in a couple of years. billions?

For the future "the Combination of ledger and ILP and Internet of Things and Streaming Payments is really interesting area"

Towards the end he also discusses why Codius is getting so easy/useful/exciting to use

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2 hours ago, Trickery said:

Total not per diem

Sorry, I don't speak Latin. ;P lol

How many days does "total" correspond to?  The tipbot hasn't been around that long, has it?

Does Wietse have any public usage stats on that besides the total?

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