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Amazon and WU...any signals of Ripple?


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@TheXRPer he starts making his point at 23:30, he gets to the point at 25:30 ... it's about "aggregate efficiency".

Rifkin knows what's up, this video and his books are worth a read. Especially "zero marginal cost" because that is what is happening with value transfer.

How much does it cost to move $x across the world with RippleNet? ...Getting awful close to $0.00


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Not going to speculate here but it would be interesting to find out the relationship here with WU and AMAZON because I just can't see AMAZON looking at WU for the long haul if their is not a plan to bring them into the internet of value.  It may not even be Ripple related but this is worth looking deeper into I think.



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About similar time last year Alibaba was going to buy Moneygram before the deal was rejected by the US regulation. Moneygram is a known partner of Ripple. 

Those big corporations know that blockchain is the way to go moving forward. I wont be surprised if this Amazon + WU partnership will involve Ripple tech somewhere along the line. 

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11 minutes ago, Zerptime said:

"I'm not going to speculate" puts in outlandish speculation in the title and links article from a sh*t website!

Is this a better source for you?  There are more if you insist.  I'm just interested in the AMZ, WU partnership , whether if it has implications for Ripple or not I find it interesting considering AMZ cutting edge footprint. Look before you leap next time or do you prefer to jump into $$^T literally !!


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