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XRP will be UNOBTAINABLE for MOST | 20 XRP new wallet


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3 minutes ago, Paulo said:

The reserve can be lowered. I wouldn’t get too caught up on that. 

It can also be raised,  and there were a number of people calling for that a whole ago....   it's one of the potential risks of holding XRP in a XRPLedger wallet.  (That you might loose a chunk to the reserve fee...) 

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Exactly, I keep reading about the cost of opening wallets will increase. Well in that case I  suspect people will just store on exchanges. The people who will be getting in at 589 prices are FOMO people, who know nothing of the tech or potential, as they already missed the boat... They are currently boarding via the harbour pilot whilst we're at sea! 

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39 minutes ago, zerpdigger said:


@Paulo It had never occurred to me that the wallet minimum could be increased as it could be decreased. The purpose of the reserve is to control the size of the ledger and prevent vast numbers of spam wallets being created.

But it could be used to price Joe Public out of holding wallets so it becomes an option only for banks and FIs. It would help to curtail junk, micro transactions filling up the ledger of that ever became a problem.

Are there any other benefits of making the minimum wallet balance unaffordable to the public?

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