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$1 EOY would be fantastic

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6 hours ago, DutchPanda said:

Don't be a Party-pooper mate. If it doesn't, you were right. I'm with you that the EOY 589 prediction seems pretty ridiculous now, but this is crypto. We could be at 4-5 dollars easily by eoy if a decent run starts this month. In the meantime i''m playing Checkers on my pc..

Hey, if it does that’s great.  I’m just not setting myself for disappointment, I did that this entire year.  I bought in low enough to have made decent gains, just thought we’d already be holding steady at a few bucks by now.  I have faith it will gain value over time, I’m just staying patient.

Party on ??

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Anyone who makes a prediction less than $15 EOY is a FUDster, a sockpuppet account, a shill and a BTC maximalist! Praise garlinghouse!

$1 EOY would be absolutely fantastic if it becomes the new floor..... that would mean XRP would have more than doubled since august and the climb would be consistent... new floors instead of a B&B

$ 1 dolla - you guys are insane ! @Chewiecoinpredicted $25 and that is where we will be!!!  Johnlogan only predicted $3, What a FUDster! 

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12 hours ago, Oldschool said:

tbh 1$ would suck, since it was already 3.9. It might happen but it would suck bigtime, imo. Saying 1 $ is fantastic is like saying Yugo is great after you have been driving Lambo, makes no sense. Possible yes , fantastic definetly not. The spike from 0,5 to 1 $ is nothing in crypto , i dont even consider it a jump.

Oh?  Special rules for crypto?  And why is that?

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43 minutes ago, Blubber said:

Oh?  Special rules for crypto?  And why is that?

The keyword you are looking for is "unregulated". There is no rule in crypto, which makes the market "special".


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