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Zerps.com, feedback and suggestions!

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22 minutes ago, Yodaxrp said:

What about xrp.video?

Awesome, added!

20 minutes ago, Tinyaccount said:

There’s also the new XRP based exchange...   they have some razzle dazzle XRP videos...  in the thread @P3T3RIS started.  

Yes I've seen this. Epic Video but I have no idea who these people are! I still have to get a full list of exchanges up (along with a ton of other info)

Edited by PickleRick

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29 minutes ago, Yodaxrp said:

Is zerps.com already Coil connected? This could be very good for you!:)

Indeed it is :)

12 minutes ago, Trickery said:

Some folks like Digital asset investor's youtube vids, I haven't watched any myself.

I really like DAI, he's one of the current feeds.

12 minutes ago, zenkert said:

I really like the Intiative @PickleRick here is a little something for you, brother.


Thanks brother. Yup yup, that's why I had to get Zerps.com ;) 

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Updated list of feeds. If you have more suggestions, let me know!

  •  AMBCrypto
  •  CoinDesk
  •  CoinTelegraph
  •  Hacked
  •  Ripple
  •  TrendingTopics
  •  Wietse Wind
  •  XRP Community Blog
  •  BearableGuy123 Decoder
  •  Crypto Eri
  •  Alex Cobb
  •  CKJ Crypto News
  •  Digital Asset Investor
  •  DMLogic
  •  Jungle Inc
  •  The Modern Investor
  •  To The Lifeboats
  •  TradeDevils
  •  XRP.Video

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