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Zerps.com, feedback and suggestions!

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I just bought Zerps.com, and spent the night building the foundations of the site. (Follow me on Twitter @ZerpsXRP)

I am curating RSS feeds relating directly to XRP & Ripple news with a touch of UpVoting and commenting to keep things interesting.

Would love some feedback and suggestions from the XRPChat community.

It's a fresh build, so be gentle there is so much more to add.

Let me know your thoughts!

Edit: Also, if you have suggestions for feeds I should add to the site let me know! So far there is:

  • Ripple Insights
  • XRP Community Blog
  • CoinDesk (Debatable, but it's there)
  • Uphold
  • Alex Cobb
  • Digital Asset Investor
  • Sam I Am (To The Lifeboats)
  • CKJ Crypto News
  • TradeDevils
  • Jungle Inc
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