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Ripple adds another customer as investor sentiment for XRP rides high


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Amore Finance is a modern fintech startup. This means that Amore does not have any branches, and you can control and manage your account with your mobile or computer. This allows not only to increase efficiency itself, but also to reduce fees, but also to increase the availability of services and to create new products and services.

Amore Finance is available on all major platforms and devices - Android, iOS and Windows. Everything is done in your mobile phone and you have a branch wherever you are.


Sounds a lot like what BABB are doing but Amore Finance seems to have license and a very good start, partnership with Ripple is quite forward thinking and can put them ahead in their game.

Low hanging fruits? New startups who will use xRapid to get market share from big banks? 

Looks like there might a big tidal wave with all these small startups trying to get ahead.

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Well happy about any tidal ripples before that wave... :P

Here's another article on the topic:


Even more interesting than this Amore ("love" in Italian) startup is their enabler Cleverlance.

Look at their clients list:


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58 minutes ago, Invincible said:

Looks like there might a big tidal wave with all these small startups trying to get ahead.

That's the plan. 

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