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It’s not sarcasm. I’ve been bullish since the beginning and I have said that over and over again. The problem has been that people have thought that someone who thinks a $10 to $ 20price is not bullis

TA doesnt work on any coins unfortunately. Name one TA guy on this forum who got it right?????

$589, if not higher

27 minutes ago, Moonraker said:

Nothing funny about it.

Just because there was a bull run at the end of last year, people automatically presume the same will happen this year.

I do hope that there is significant uptake in real world usage soon because,  like you,  I don't think "it did it last year" is a reason for anything.

I do think that significant uptake is certainly possible...  perhaps not highly likely but certainly possible.

In my tiny mind it is kind of like standing at the finish line of a long race...  One or two dribble through then maybe a few more then a flood.  I don't know if we will be seeing only the front runners or the flood in the coming months.

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