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ripple cold wallet


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Hey All,

Been working on this over the last few weeks,



It has no online functionality (but you can import the result of an 'account_info' transaction, handy if you're importing an already used account) and currently has no documentation at all.

Double click on an address in the 'Wallets' tab for a menu (yeah, should be right click, but its not yet :))

At minimum, the code for using Ripple's C++ classes should be helpful to those looking for examples

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On 26/01/2017 at 10:37 AM, Sukrim said:

...Windows only?

Apologies, I only just noticed anyone had replied

Its been developed under Windows, and I haven't got around to creating a makefile, but it doesn't depend on any Windows libraries. No reason it shouldn't build anywhere rippled and wxWidgets can compile


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